Healthy Diet During Pregnancy
A healthy diet during pregnancy is significantly associated with higher birth weight and lowers the risk of giving birth to a small-for-gestational-age (SGA) infant. In a recent study, researchers evaluated the maternal dietary patterns and their impact on infant customised birth weight centiles (CBWC) within a group of women. A significant association was observed between "health conscious" dietary pattern and maternal Body Mass Index (BMI), age, education, income and exercise. Those women who followed "health conscious" dietary patterns were significantly associated with increased CBWC.
Strong Link Between Miscarriage, Maternal Age & Pregnancy History
As per researchers and studies, among women aged 25-29 years, the risk of miscarriage was found to be 10% (lowest) and rose rapidly after 30, and reached 53% in women aged >= 45. There is also a strong recurrence risk of miscarriage with an age-adjusted ratio. After one miscarriage, the risk increased by half, after two, the risk doubled, and after three consecutive miscarriages, the risk was four times greater. Previous pregnancy complications also predicted a higher risk of miscarriage. Additionally, women who themselves were born small for gestational age also had an increased risk of miscarriage.